Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

While I am still considered a newly wed, I thought I would write about the eco-friendly decision-making we put into our wedding.  Early on in the planning I decided to make my decisions as green as possible.  It wasn’t going to drive the bus, per say, but it would be a large consideration factor.  My husband didn’t even realize I was doing this until I asked him if I should point it out to the guests.  Ultimately, we decided not to point it out, but I could smile inwardly knowing my white wedding was as green as could be!

One of the biggest decisions you make is where to hold the reception.  We both wanted to stay away from hotel conference rooms, so a venue with a special atmosphere was a must.  We looked at a lot of places in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire and ended up choosing The Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton, MA.  We liked that we could try the food at the restaurant before even taking the tour.  We also appreciated they were a one stop shop, they handled the food, the set up, everything but flowers and photography basically.

Here’s what makes them green:

They are farm to table.  Literally there is a huge farm behind the restaurant that is the source of most of the food on your plate.  They augment with other locally sourced products such as meats and cheeses.  Since they are in the business of farming, the kitchen composts.  The offices recycle, and since they already have it all there they aren’t trucking in tables and chairs, ect.  If that wasn’t enough, Gibbet Hill is actually conservation land as well.

Your venders are important decisions and most will tell you right on their website how green their business practices are.  My photographer did not list these practices and when I asked him why not, he answered that he didn’t really think about being eco-friendly in terms of marketing, it was just the right thing to do.  I was sold.

Grazier Photography not only recycles their camera’s batteries and office supplies.  They also buy carbon offsets.  Carbon offsetting is simple, you reduce what carbon emissions you can and offset what you can’t.  Typically this means you are donating towards renewable energy projects.

Our florist was recommended by our photographer.  Faxon Green proudly proclaims to be a sustainable floral designer.  She does not use plastics or foams, all material is composted, she naturally cools her studio, and uses locally sourced products where ever she can.  We hit it off right away and she was a no brainer pick for me.  On a side note, looking through her website just now, I saw my bouquet is featured in her gallery!

Other details where I choose to go green:

Invitations, I made my own and source recycled paper.

We bussed our guests to and from the reception.  Not only did this allow my guests to enjoy the open bar without worry of driving, but carpooling is a good way to save on gas.

I purchased a sample dress instead of having a new one made just for me.  I also paid half the price!

Finally, I used re-usable totes and recycled tissue paper for the out-of-town bags.

I know there are other little details I am forgetting about, but really it was the bigger decisions that matter the most.  Going eco-friendly in our wedding planning did not cost us any extra, in fact it saved us some money here and there.  I did have to do a little extra research on occasion, but I would have done that anyways.  Nor did this decision impact the wedding in any negative way, quiet the opposite, you can’t beat the freshness of a farm to table meal and nobody missed the made in china trinkets.

If you are interested in other green wedding methods check out, The Green Bride Guide.


One thought on “Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

  1. Your wedding was lovely in every way. The food was so fresh and delicious! The setting, the church (though, it was an extra warm day, needed the windows to be opened to let in the cool breeze),the flowers and decorations were all delightful. And of course your cards were the bomb! I was very privileged to have attended and participate as well.

    Good job Mrs. Pea!

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