Leap Day

Happy Leap Day Everyone!

On Wednesdays I actually get out of the house and head to a weekly meeting for the Boston Preservation Alliance’s auction committee.  It’s held in a big fancy building in downtown Boston and lets me feel like an important business woman for the morning. 😉  I was thinking of blogging about them today, until I got home and realized I didn’t have my house keys.  Uh Oh!  That sinking feeling kicks in and I know exactly where I left them, literally just on the other side of that door.  I knew I should have double checked my purse this morning!

My husband, Mr. Pea, also has weekly meetings on Wednesday mornings and we’re due to be hit with a snow storm any minute now, so all I could really do is call him in hopes his meeting will let out soon and pray the snow holds off a little longer.  I decided in the meantime I could walk back to Davis Square and get some breakfast.  Did I mention I hadn’t eaten yet?  Did I also mention I don’t have a car?  I stopped by the ATM and it was just my luck it was out of cash.  Of course the day I would be locked out I would also have no cash on me. Sigh. At least Starbucks takes credit cards.

I was right on the verge of feeling sorry for myself when I found a dollar on the ground.  Not even a block after that Mr. Pea calls!  Turns out he was planning on coming home early anyways, on account of the coming snow storm (maybe not this early), but he was on his way.  Here I am one minute away from having a seriously bad day and the next I’ve got a dollar in my pocket and I get to spend the day snowed in with my husband!  Thank you Leap Day for allowing me to leap right over all that bad luck!  I hope you all get so lucky today.

Get Inspired!!! (Part 2)

Top of the Hill looking over Groton, MA

While stripping wallpaper is certainly a project, it is not a hobby.  I have toyed around with the idea of opening a shop on Etsy, and figuring out what to sell in my shop was a big part of the reason I was thinking about sewing or knitting.  The fact that there is a big learning curve from picking up a new hobby to actually selling anything worthwhile was keeping me from even starting.  My sister suggested I do something with the series of bird illustrations I had made for my wedding.  (She’s pretty in tune with me!) This thought had also been bubbling around in the back of my head.  It sounds silly but I hesitated to go down the paper goods route since a good friend of mine already has.  She makes beautiful hand-made greeting cards, seriously check them out at Wingin’ It Crafts.  I didn’t want to compete with her or ever make her feel like I was trying too.  The thing of it is this is all in my head, just getting these thoughts out into the open made me realize my friend would be the first to encourage me if I gave it half a shot.  That’s what makes a friend a good friend!

Anyways, the more I thought about the things I could do with these illustrations the more excited I got.  I wanted to make sets of cards and invitations, hopefully even branch into calendars and beyond one day.  The second I let go of my own hesitations the fog lifted and I knew I was on to something.  With motivation behind me I started researching what it takes to open an Etsy shop.  The more I read the more I realized opening an online shop, even on Etsy, should be treated like opening your own small business.  Great!  I’ve always wanted my own small business.  I looked into the cons of opening a shop on Etsy and found this article on the blog My Wife Quit Her Job.  It basically says why put all your hard work into a store while being at the mercy of another company.  The article made a lot of good points, for instance they could raise their rates and wipe out any small profit you could be making.  So I poked around on his site a little more and starting convincing myself opening an independent e-commerce site was the way to go.  This required more research, so off to the biz ladies section of Design Sponge I went.  The women over there made an Etsy shop feel more empowering.  In the end, I decided I wasn’t ready for a full on e-commerce site and just like that I opened an Etsy shop within a matter of minutes.  Welcome to Mrs. Pea’s Papers!

Here’s the problem, I opened my shop and was immediately underwhelmed.  With just one item for sale no one is going to buy from me, not only that but I am lost in a sea of countless shops already well established, but worse still there was no way to get feedback or to build a following.  My shop slipped into the stream with no fanfare and nobody noticed.

But wait!  I have done all this small business research, I have even pestered several of my friends to find the right name for my shop, I can’t just be underwhelmed like that!  What about a blog?!  It was part of my plan to start a blog if I went ahead with an independent website, why not start one now?  Hence, Mrs. Pea’s Perspectives was born.  Two posts in and it’s already been the most rewarding process!  17 views, 3 followers, and 1 comment I got on my first day alone!  My mind is racing with all the things I would like to share with the world, better yet I feel more compelled to keep my Etsy shop up so I can tell you all about it!

This blog was my answer.  Mrs. Pea’s Perspectives is already generating more inspiration in me to create even more illustrations, more meals, and more reasons to photograph it all in a meaningful way.  I hope you will all enjoy the posts that are to come and I hope you are all a bit inspired to let go of your own hesitations.

Up next.. How I created my logo.

Get Inspired!!! (Part One)


January and February are by far the toughest months to live in New England, the cold weather and short gray days make me long for sunnier, greener pastures.  sigh… just look at the bright green coast of California!

Over the past couple of months I have grappled with picking up a new hobby to fill my days.  I know I am lucky to have days to myself and to live in a rich urban environment, but it seems stepping foot out of the door causes me to spend money I don’t want to.  It is also tough for me to get motivated to do things alone.  I thought about sewing or knitting, even researched classes, but never made any real attempt to pick up either one of these things.

My sister hit the nail right on the head when she told me, “You need to find some inspiration.”  She got me motivated by suggesting I make an inspiration date with myself once a week.  Libraries lend free museum passes, and most museums have reduced or free hours during the week, so why not go out and take advantage!  I sat down to make a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish with my time, and wouldn’t you know it, all I wanted to do was finish a project I already started.. my bedroom!

I know, it’s not an outing, but hey I have lived in this city since 1999, trust me I’ve seen it.  My bedroom on the other hand has been suffering since we bought this place 2 years ago.  It came to us covered in gold wallpaper, and not just any gold wallpaper but textured, wrinkled gold wallpaper!  To me it looks like the walls have stretch marks and to make matters worse the cats LOVE scratching at it (especially at night).  Beyond the walls, there are wires dangling from the ceiling where a light fixture should be, and there are not one but two coffee tables just hanging out in there because we don’t know what else to do with them.  (A side note about the coffee tables, we each had one when we moved in, but the previous owners left us a more appropriate one.  However, it turns out that we were both attached to our coffee table and therefore can’t bring ourselves to sell them on Craigslist.)

I pulled off the vinyl wallpaper, months ago, and have been steadily working on taking down the backing.  However, with my new-found inspiration (thanks Sis!) I felt compelled to get this project going full steam ahead.  I finally turned to YouTube and wouldn’t you know there’s a much faster way to get this stuff down. Doh!

Let me just put this in perspective for you!  I had used an everyday handheld sprayer on the backer, it took me about 2 hours to get 3 strips of wallpaper backing off and that still left most of the glue on the wall.  It’s been months that I have worked on this and I am only 1/2 way done with the backing, and still have the glue to scrub off!  Well I watch these videos by PremierpaintingMA and wouldn’t you know it, the guy introduces me to an air compressed garden sprayer.  I feel like such a fool, these things cost $12-$20!  I enlist my husband’s help and within 3 hours we got the other half of the backing off plus the glue underneath!  Seriously, why oh why didn’t I watch those videos sooner…

I still have half a room’s worth of glue to remove but now I am dreaming of paint, light fixtures, and furniture!  Stay tuned to this work in progress, and more tales of inspiration.

I would love to get your feedback!  What inspires you?  If you had a lot of time off from work, what would you do with your days?


Hi There!

Welcome to Mrs. Pea’s Perspectives, my blog exploring my adventures as a modern-day housewife.  My husband and I got married just about 6 months ago and I have found myself a homemaker for just about the same.  Join me as I explore what it means to be a housewife today.