That's me, Mrs. Pea!


My name is Margaret Pecelli and I am a 30 something, newly wed, living just outside of Boston in a town called Somerville. Normally, I work as an Architect, or even as an exhibit designer, but the past few months I have been home looking for work.  I enjoy my new role as a wife and a homemaker!  My cooking and baking skills have improved rapidly, and my new husband has certainly enjoy every minute of that.


That's Mr. Pea!

My husband, Dylan, works in the tech world and is just about as sweet as can be! We met in 2008 and haven’t spent much time apart since then.  I feel like the luckiest woman to have married to my best friend.  We found out early on we really enjoy road trips together, whether it’s a day drive through the countryside or a long haul up the entire West Coast we both enjoy the journey as much as the destination.



Our cats, Penny and Reece

We share our home with two pretty adorable kitties, Reece and Penny.  Don’t let those faces fool you, they are just as sweet as they are mischievous.


In this blog I hope to share my adventures of becoming a modern-day housewife.  I hope you will enjoy my musings.  I love receiving comments and feedback, please feel free to send me plenty!


Just had to sneak in a wedding photo.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mag-Pie.. I love you’re blog! Your motivation & drive is inspiring. Looking forward to following your future posts! Some day I’d like to create my own blog about my experience as a home-maker here in Tonga. I just may do it soon!
    Hope all is well with you!
    Your old roomie, Amy G (but now married so Amy H 🙂

    • Thanks Amy! It’s good to hear from you. You should definitely start a blog! I for one would love to read about your experiences in Tonga. You could even post a pretty picture of the day and have the rest of us drooling. 😉

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