My Work is Making Headlines!

This is a very special weekend for me and my old co-workers at Amaze Design, you see our museum project opened December 1st to great fan fare!  Amaze Design was responsible for 5 out of the 11 galleries at the new Perot Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas, TX.   I was one of the senior exhibit designers mainly developing the designs for the Life Hall, Earth Hall, and Universe Hall.

It is thrilling to see this project open, and even more exciting to see the opening being covered in The New York Times, The Miami Herald, The Chicago Tribune, and of course all the Dallas news media just to name a few!

Discovering Life Hall

This is the photo accompanying the New York Times article, it is over looking the Discovering Life Hall.  😉  It’s a special weekend indeed.



4 thoughts on “My Work is Making Headlines!

  1. Congratulation Dear you so deserve to get the appropreate recognition that you deserve! You worked so very hard on this project and planning your wedding as well was such a stressor at the time. Great job and the pictures tell the story! Well done and Bravo!!!

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