A Thanksgiving Treat: Pumpkin Dinner Rolls

I wanted to post this earlier today, but I have been a baking machine!  Seriously, I have put my Kitchenaid through its paces today.  Right now I have a salt crust dough settling, challah dough rising, and cookie dough chilling.  Yum!  Not to mention piles of bread chucks drying out for the stuffing tomorrow.

Anyways, yesterday I did a trail run of these Pumpkin Dinner Rolls for my book club (aka dinner club) and they were a huge hit!

While I got several requests for the recipe, these bad boys can be made using your favorite dinner roll recipe.  Heck, did you buy unbaked dinner rolls from the store?  You could fancy them up in a jiffy!

Simply roll your dough into small balls, flatten a bit, and cut 8 slices into them being careful not to cut the center.  Lay them out on a greased or lined baking sheet and using your pinky poke a hole in the centers.  Let them rise for another 20 minutes or so and re-poke the centers with your pinky.  Brush with egg wash and bake as your recipe directs.  Once removed from the oven brush them with butter to make them shiny!  Now don’t forget the stems.  Place a sliced pecan into the centers and viola pumpkin shaped dinner rolls!

These were 2 year-old tested and approved by the way!  The little boy at dinner last night used the “stem” as a handle and happily munched away.  He ate more of that roll then he did anything else on his plate. 😀

Looking for gorgeous step-by-step pictures, I got the directions here.   The recipe for the actual pumpkin rolls (yes they have pumpkin in them) are here.  While these were good, I opted to make tomorrow’s batch from Challah which can be found here.

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!!


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