Here’s to the Quilt

I typically end the week with a Friday Reflection post and in a sense this is partly a reflection.  For my High School graduation I was given a quilt.  It was made just for me by a family friend who sadly passed away not so long ago.  At first I wasn’t quiet sure what I would do with it, but I was touched she would go to the trouble to make this for me.  So it came with me to college and immediately became my favorite thing to curl up under.

Here is the quilt in my college suite, I pray my younger brother will forgive me for posting a picture of him sleeping.

This quilt has graced every couch, in every apartment I have ever lived in since I was 18.  Today it is still the blanket on my couch that my husband and I cuddle up under almost every night.  For nearly half of my life and ALL of my adult life (outside my parent’s home) this quilt has been with me.  It holds memories of late night gab sessions with roommates, days of being sick as a dog, days of being sad or happy, but mostly it has taken the chill out of any room and kept me and those I love warm.

So it was a great honor when Mr. Pea’s family friends, Denise Konicek & her husband Richard, wanted to make us a quilt for our wedding.  Knowing how significant the gift of a quilt is, I was deeply touched.  Denise brought preliminary sketches and fabric to the rehearsal dinner.  She emailed us for personal preferences here and there on some of the design details throughout the year.  In honor of our first anniversary (and their thirtieth) she had us all over for a lavish brunch and unveiled the quilt.  We were floored to say the least at how beautiful, how detailed this quilt is!

Here we are being presented with our wedding quilt

The quilt incorporates several traditional tiles including, true lover’s knot, steps to the altar, wedding rings, and finally their wish to us, peace & plenty.  These tiles all wrap around our intertwined initials.   How incredible is this quilt?!  To top it off each square has its own unique stitching pattern.


True Lover’s Knot

This quilt is an instant family heirloom!  It graces our bed and keeps us warm while being light and cozy.  It changed what was once just a bed into our marriage bed.

Thank you Theodore for the beautiful quilt that holds so many memories for me, and thank you Denise for this treasured family heirloom!  I know this quilt will hold generations of memories for our family to come.

You can find out more about Denise and her quilting at, or her incredible tiling at

Theodora & my mother created several children’s books together before Theo’s passing, you can find them at


Happy Friday!


5 thoughts on “Here’s to the Quilt

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  3. The quilts are indeed beautiful and memories are to be made with them. When you were all babies I made a special quilt for each of you. They all involved some form of things past, like old covered buttons from my grandmothers’ shoes to something new. I have always felt that quilts should represent the whole of life. Unfortunately, others seemed to appreciate some of those quilts as well, as three of them were stolen, before you three youngest were even three years old. So those will not be able to be passed down. Quilting was a special thing for my mom’s family women for generations, many of them are now gone, but one still remains. It is my special treasure as three generations worked on it, ( your grandmother, Jeanette Bridges; grandmother, Inez Mayfield; and mom, me.) Someday this quilt will be passed on to a new generation. There were four of them but only this one survives.

    This is an artform that I would love to pass on to my daughters so that the generations will not be forgetten, I still have my Quilting frames. I think soon we should plan a special summer where all of us can get together for the big Quilting Bee. What do you think?

    Love you,

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