My Wedding Night

I was just reading this post about wedding grievances and it got me thinking about my wedding.  Not about grievances, but about my favorite memories from that day.  I enjoyed every moment of my wedding day, and I even had time to eat every meal.  OK we only ate half our entrees and missed the wedding cake, but close enough.  I remember being nervous and tense right up to the moment I rounded the corner onto the aisle and saw Dylan waiting for me at the end of it.  That was the moment I let go of everything and got swept away by the rest of the day.  Literally, I thought my knees were going to give out at that moment.  A photo is worth a thousand words and I think these two photos of me pre-ceremony and mid-ceremony capture what I was feeling pretty well!

Waiting to head down the aisle

At the Alter

My favorite part of the whole day (besides getting married to my best friend of course) was our wedding night back at the hotel.  Haha, I know this is when everyone thinks a marriage is consummated but I highly doubt most couple have the energy left for that kind of thing.  We certainly didn’t, we were exhausted physically and emotionally by the time we got back to our suite.  It was a very pleasant surprise to discovered the hotel had left us chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne to congratulate us.  It was exactly what we needed!  We both slipped into something more comfortable, by that I mean pjs, and thoroughly enjoyed the first time all day we had just to ourselves as husband and wife.  In our happiness we sipped champagne, ate those huge strawberries, while Dylan fished at least 100 bobby pins out of my hair.

That is how our marriage began.  It was a perfect (and unplanned) moment.  We laughed and reveled in how wonderful the day was, how incredible it was to have all of our friends and family together in one room.  Dylan was ready to do it all over again!  Mostly though we told each other how much we loved each other and how happy we are to be married to one another.  For me, it was the perfect end to a perfect day and a moment I will always treasure.

Photo Credits: Grazier Photography

4 thoughts on “My Wedding Night

  1. You are so lovely in that reflective moment before you walked down the aisle.

    I wish you all the best always.

  2. You made a truly amazing bride my dear! The only complaint I had was the heat! Otherwise a most perfect and awesome day! Thanks for sharing your wedding night as well. LOL

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