A Studio in The Making

Howdy Yal!  I am so excited to tell you I am blogging today from my brand new desk!  I have to say this is the nicest desk I have ever worked from.  The typical desk at an architecture firm is an old door, painted and propped up on filing cabinets.  The sleek glass top paired with the shiny aluminum frame, and the handsome suspended drawers is a million miles away from a painted door!

It is thrilling to see my studio being reborn.  Having a dedicated work space has me itching to get Mrs. Peas back up and running full speed ahead.  Of course setting up my computer’s surround system in the room also helps. 😉  I have moved the desk into a sunnier location of the room than my previous studio set-up.  I also situated the room’s lighting better so I’m not working in shadows.  It was great to have had the previous set-up so I knew the flaws to correct for when setting up something more permanent.  Tasks for the studio still include installing a shelf above the desk and getting a new office chair.  You can see in the photo above I’m temporarily using a folding chair.

Finding an attractive, well priced office chair is a bit of a challenge.  Most office chairs out there are too big and boxy, too expensive, or too cheap.  I do not want a college dorm room chair, nor a big leather chair meant for a CEO’s den, and I can not afford something interesting like a Herman Miller.  My coworker who also recently bought a desk suggested this chair from the container store.

It comes in a variety of colors and has great reviews.  She’s going to let me know how she likes it.  While its attractive and well priced, I’m concerned about sitting on bungees for a long period of time.  Even my coworker mentioned getting a cushion to sit on.  Currently my front-runner is this chair from Ikea.

This chair is a third of the price from the Container Store one.  It also comes in a few colors, but to me those look silly.  I like this one in black!  I love the pattern on the seat cushion and the Herman Miller inspired mesh back.  Is it comfortable?  I have no idea, the cushion does look a little thin.  Luckily, Ikea has several affordable office chair options, so it looks like a trip to try them all out is in my future.  Of course that means I’m already thinking about all the other things I might want to buy at Ikea.  More desk organizers, new bedside lamps, more picture frames… more, more, more!  Ikea is a dangerous proposition for my wallet.

Ikea is actually coming to my town in the next year or two, NOW that will be dangerous for everyone’s wallet!  In the meantime it remains blissfully far enough away for a day trip on occasion.

Now back to the cutting board!


5 thoughts on “A Studio in The Making

  1. I really like the way it is coming together, Margaret. Yes I think you must sit in the chair and try it out as you will be using it quite a bit. A trip to IKEA seems to be in your future. Maybe I could still come with you if you need a shopping partner. I could use a few things my self.

  2. That desk looks great! I was thinking that I should mention Ikea after I read your post, but I see you thought of it! I’m sure you’ll find something there (or somethings!)

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