New Goal, Setting up a Real Studio

Hi Everyone!  I have been at Starbucks for a month now, and while I still like being there, I am frustrated I that I haven’t been keeping up with Mrs. Peas.  I don’t necessarily have a good reason either.  Often when I get home from work I am still amped up and ready to get things done, but I still need to eat my late lunch and catch up on housework.  Then before I know it Mr. Pea is coming home and it’s time to start dinner.  I can forget about getting anything done after that, my energy is spent for the day.

Today is my day off and while I was trying to sleep in all I could do was toss and turn, Mrs. Peas is weighing heavily on me.  In my mind I reevaluated my goals and where they stood now.  My firm conclusion, from all that inner turmoil, is I want to be successfully working from home while my children are small.  That is the ultimate goal.  Now to get there I need to break that goal down into smaller steps.  Step one, reinvent my studio!

I actually broke down my studio, from the Get Organized post, shortly after we finished painting our bedroom.  The books that belong on those shelves had been in a huge pile and it was time to put them back.  I am sure not having a space to go to work is a big part of why my Etsy shop is being neglected.  My in-laws gave me some money for my birthday back in March that was supposed to go towards a cooking class, but I think what I want/need the most now is a proper desk to work from.  I have researched drafting tables off and on for the past few months and when I sat down this morning to actually buy one something else caught my eye, a sleek, glass top desk.  What to do?

I am torn between this drafting table:

And this desk:

They key feature to both is the glass top, so I can use it as a light table when I need to.  They are both within my budget, and both fit into the space available for a desk.  The debate in my mind is how useful will the tilt feature be for me?  If I don’t need to tilt the desktop the desk wins out hands down.  I can put my laptop where on the keyboard tray and have the desktop for my printer and cutting mat.  The larger storage drawers would be perfect to keep my papers and supplies on hand.  PLUS when I need to switch the guest room over to a nursery the desk will still be attractive in our bedroom.  However, a tilt feature is nice for drawing and the drafting table storage is better for all the little things like exacto blades, pencils, rulers, glue sticks, ect.  However, that means I need an additional storage unit for my printer and papers, and it wouldn’t be the most attractive thing in the master bedroom.  Sigh.

Which would you choose?


2 thoughts on “New Goal, Setting up a Real Studio

  1. Get both. An L shape desk will be a lovely marriage, especially if you use your studio as part of your home business or computer as part of your studio.

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