And I’m back!

Happy Monday everyone.  I apologize for disappearing last week, the last two weeks have been crazy for me.  Painting the bedroom turned out to be a much bigger task then I allotted time for, especially while starting a new job.  We finally finished on Wednesday night, only to scramble to get the our room and the guest room pulled back together for our guests, my step-mother & sister, Friday night.  My father’s heart procedure was Friday and everything went well this time around!

Finally I have photos to share of the room!



Paint Close-up, El Camino & Desert View

Mr. Pea Paints too!

I couldn’t resist adding a little note under the primer. 😉

I hate to say it but after all that work, the paint colors aren’t quiet what I was expecting.  In full sun they appear to be purple and pink, in the shade and artificial light they read as the intended taupe and gray.  The purple and pink aspect is going to take some getting use too, otherwise in the evenings it looks lovely.  I am certainly NOT repainting! I think adding more sophisticated curtains in a gray will really enhance the room and pull it together for me.  Right now I am loving these from Crate & Barrel!  They are on the expensive side, but serve as good inspiration.

It feels so good to have this part of the room’s make-over behind me.  I gave this project my all and even hurt my right hand in the process.  Today is the first day I have been able to use it without pain.  That feels good too, I was about to call the doctor!  Next up for the room addition is getting a light on that ceiling already!



4 thoughts on “And I’m back!

  1. It looks great! Oh and I have to say, I loved seeing Mr. Pea doing some of the work but it makes us miss you guys even more. 🙂

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