Progress in the Bedroom!

Haha, sucked you in with the title didn’t I?!  Alas, I am alone and working hard this week to finish up my bedroom project.  To keep me honest I wanted to share some updates and photos.  Everything is now away from the walls and piled either in the middle of the room or just about everywhere else on the second floor.

The cats need a lot of reassurance when they are up there.  Poor things, it’s been an upsetting week for them with their dad gone, mom working, and a whole floor in disarray.  They were REALLY confused when I went to bed in the guest room last night.  I swear they spent half the night trying out different places to sleep themselves.  You can see them both beginning to explore the new kitty maze in the photo below.

You can see how festive the room looks with the blue painters tape going up, as well as the over flow shelves now at the top of the stairs.  Note, I am being safe.  I turned off the electricity to the bedroom and am using the halls power now.  Only had to electrocute myself once to get smart about safety! You can also see I’ve completed scraping and sanding the loose bits of paint.  It’s amazing how much ends up coming off!

I got half way around the room when I ran out of tape. Doh! I have to admit I would have been really upset if I got 95% around the room and then needed more tape for the last 2 feet.

I ran out of tape at almost exactly 5pm, so I called it a night.  Today I worked my second shift at Starbucks from 6am-9:30am, spackled when I got home, and ran to the store to get the rest of my supplies.  That pile of furniture is now covered with a plastic tarp and after this post I’ll be back on tape duty.  Ace hardware didn’t end up having the Gardz primer in stock so I picked up the oil based Kiltz primer that should also seal in the wallpaper paste residue.  (Fingers crossed)  Luckily, they did have the 1-2-3 primer all the paint forums recommended to go on top of that, so I am still on track to start priming tomorrow! =D

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be this far along.  This project that has hung over my head since November and now I will be done with it on Monday!  I swear it will be a looooooong time before I start in on the wallpaper in the bathrooms.  So what do you do to kill the time while your home alone? Haha.


2 thoughts on “Progress in the Bedroom!

  1. I always do things I’m not supposed to do with my bad back. Like vacuum the carpets, rake leaves or pick up leaves. Start painting walls as you are doing. I don’t know why I always feel more energetic to tackle these projects when he’s not around. I guess I really can’t stand that they need to be finished and haven’t been, and there is nobody to tell me , “stop that, You’ll hurt yourself”, or “Are you crazy, if you are going to do that why don’t you do this!” Hahahahaha. Always something.

    What I don’t understand is why you are not using the all in one paints! Primer and paint in one. They work so good and hide the paste residue that you weren’t able to scrap or wash off. It’s amazing stuff! I had to use the primer on the rain stains in the bedroom on the ceiling and boy was that so much harder to get the flat ceiling paints to go over. You have always been very ambitious when it comes to painting. Why you didn’t let him help you I don’t know. It would get done so much faster. ( I hate it when I run out of tape! I always buy all new tapes when I start or as you’ve seen, I’ll reuse the old tape once it has dried and turn it around so the clean side is against the wall. Always frugal me.)

    Today we tackled grooming our three dogs! I did all the small stuff like nails, hair on bottom of feet and under and around their butts. Paul was great and clipped them all and vacuumed the carpet afterward! TEAMWORK. It went by so much faster and now I’m able to sit and write this comment. Hahahaha! Good luck with your project and kiss those kitties for me. We miss you.

    • Thanks for your comment Mom! I am not using the all in one paint and primer because there is a considerable amount of residue left on the wall. The Kilz will seal that in and cover the brown staining as well. Water based paints would reactive the glue residue otherwise.
      Dylan has helped me here and there, he is also helping me this weekend with the top coats and whatever is left on the priming. It was a lot easier to do the bulk of the prep work while he was gone since our guest bed is only a double and gets a bit cramped with us both in it. I am looking forward to having his help this weekend though. I know it goes much faster with two sets of hands!
      I bet the dogs look beautiful! Love you!

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