I can do it!

Mr. Pea is traveling for work this week.  I can’t tell you how quiet it is in the house without him!  While he’s away though, I am going to make a big push to get the bedroom walls ready for painting.  Yes, I am STILL working on my bedroom walls!  I hadn’t touched them since my last post about it back in February. Lol!  Yesterday, however, I finished scraping the last of the wallpaper paste off.

While it feels really good to finally have gotten this far, there is still a ton left to do! Ugh, it never ends.  I start my Starbucks training this afternoon, but before I go in, I plan on scraping and sanding the loose bits of primer.  Tomorrow I will be able to fully prep the room by moving furniture, taking down curtains, and taping everything.  I’m hoping to head to the hardware store and pick up supplies as well.  I work the early morning shift on Wednesday but after that I will make a first pass at sealing the walls with Gardz and filling in spots with spackle.  If that is dry by Thursday then I can take a pass with a primer.

That should have the walls prepped for painting this weekend when Mr. Pea returns.  Yup, don’t think I’m letting him off the hook that easy.  It’s a lot of work, but I am SO excited to get this done!  I do not recommend living in a room while you are trying to redo it.

If you are thinking about removing wallpaper and repainting let me recap all the steps involved:

  1. Watch these videos on YouTube! (I didn’t discover these until I was half way through step 3. I made it harder on myself than need be.)
  2. Remove the top layer, this should be the easy part.  If it’s not, you can get a scoring tool and soak the paper, just be careful not to score into the wall board itself!
  3. Remove the paper backing, and paste. I did this using warm water alone, but there are chemicals or other home remedy additives you can use to help with the stubborn areas.
  4. Scrub the walls.
  5. Scrape and sand any loose or bubbling bits of primer.
  6. Seal in any residual areas of glue, as well as the exposed areas of wall board with Gardz.
  7. Spackle any areas that need it and spot seal when dry.
  8. Prime the walls with a good primer, such as 1-2-3 Prime. Note if you skip the Gardz step, use an oil based primer.  A water based primer can reactive any residual glue and ruin your finish product.
  9. Finish with two coats of paint.

It’s a lot of work, but goes quickly in a small space and takes a while in a larger space.  Now you know why so many people put up new wallpaper over the old stuff!


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