Online Marketing for Blogs to Blogs

I discovered some very interesting tips on how to submit your work to the big blogs today and want to share my resources with you.  This post goes beyond Etsy sellers and is relevant to other bloggers, or even professionals wanting to get their work published.  The big secret is found in this article from Design Sponge:  Advise from Design Bloggers!  Those Biz Ladies articles offer such a wealth of information.

In a nutshell here are the main points I took away from the article:

  • Email the bloggers directly in a friendly, personal way with great photos under 1MB attached.
  • Do not mass email all of them, pick one blog at a time to go after.  They want the exclusive after all!
  • Do your research, so you can tell them where you think you fit into their blog or why you are relevant to them.

That’s it, the big mystery revealed!  There are other points like don’t approach them if you only have two items in your shop, or only two posts into your blog, but the bullets above capture the essentials.

There are also sites where you can self submit your work, take note they don’t accept Etsy links, so having a blog or other online presence is essential.

Craft Gawker (for the crafty, DIY blogs out there)

Food Gawker (for the food blogs out there)

NOTCOT (covers just about every blogging realm: design, art, fashion, food, travel, cocktails)

Now for you Etsy sellers looking for success tips, READ this post and download the full, expanded 13 page article.  It is a little outdated but worth your time.

Happy Marketing!


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