Social Media Marketing

It amazes me how many social media outlets there are today for a small business to take advantage of: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin, Tumbler, StumbleUpon, Google +, and the list goes on!  As of today, I have a Facebook fan page, a twitter feed,  and a Pinterest page, all of which I am supposed to keep current and active everyday on top of my Etsy Store and this blog.  Thankfully one hand washes the other, meaning my blog posts are publicized directly to Twitter and Facebook, thank you WordPress.  I can also tweet, pin, and post my Etsy listings all from inside my Etsy shop.

In today’s online marketing world these social media outlets are essential.  The tricky bit is to have slightly different content on each site to entice people to follow you on each of them.  Special sales codes are often encouraged, so one day you can have a sale for your twitter followers, and another day you can have one for your blog followers, ect.  However, you don’t want every post to be all about yourself on these sites either.  It gets a little daunting when you really need to produce products offline as well.

Prioritize your time!  My shop and my blog take top priority for me, keeping these updating on a daily basis is a must.  In turn I can take a few moments to share blog posts and Etsy listings with the other media sites.  In my downtime when I’m taking the bus or killing a few minutes I check out twitter and retweet interesting things.  Before bed I log onto Facebook and see what my friends have been up to that day.  Finally, if I have some free time, I’ll pin to my Pinterest boards.  It is a lot of time spent online, but it all gains me much-needed exposure.

The big trick, I am slowly learning, is to find the sites within these social media outlets that are there to repost or retweet your listings to their followers.  Yup, there are people out there with four plus accounts on twitter and all they do is retweet Etsy listings.  Bots I believe their called.  Same with Facebook, there are sites that only posts Etsy listings that are sent to them.  This is free advertizing so find it while it’s hot!

Personally, I think I’ve reached my limit of social networking sites to keep track of.


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