Friday Reflection: Friday the 13th

Some people really dread Friday the 13th, but I am not one of them.  I was born on a Friday the 13th.  There are women that go to great lengths not to have their baby’s born on that particular day, and I thank my lucky stars my mom was not one of them.  Friday the 13th has always been my luckiest day.  Amazing things happen to me and even to those around me when one rolls around.

Need proof?  Today, Marnie Karger from Crafterall, is the featured Etsy seller on West Elm’s blog.  At the end of the editorial, among the links to her shop and her blog, there is also a link back to my blog and my interview with her.  What?!  West Elm is linking backing to my blog?!  Amazing!

I have taken Marnie’s advise about how to become a better seller on Etsy,

Read through the How To Sell Guide, the Featured Seller and Quit Your Day Job interviews. Attend the webinars for newbies and watch other videos on photography, tagging, writing descriptions, and social networking.

In one of the webinars the lecturer points out that it takes a lot of luck to be a top seller on Etsy, but then she goes one to say “luck is a skill”.  I thought that was an interesting statement.  She points out that we prepare ourselves everyday for that lucky break.  I felt lucky and honored that Marnie said yes to the interview in the first place, but all I did was ask.  When we put ourselves out there, we create our own luck.

If you feel Friday the 13th or even the #13 is a bad omen, then you are preparing yourself for that bad luck to happen to you.  When you focus on the negative then that is what you will see.  Since I’ve always viewed it as my luckiest day that’s what I have seen.  I think by changing others perspectives on this day they start to see the good things that happened to them that day, not the bad.  So I hope my good luck rubs off on you too today!


7 thoughts on “Friday Reflection: Friday the 13th

  1. Love your posts. I usually read them from my phone when on break at work; therefore I am not able to reply. But since today is your “Lucky Day”, I am sure you will get alot of encouragement from your readers.
    Enjoy! Congrats on your Beautiful Blogger Award; Awesome! 🙂

  2. This is an awesome post! I’m so very happy to share this joy with you today on a lucky Friday the 13th. Although it was a Sunday, I was born on a 13th and have always pledged to their luckiness.

    “Luck is a skill;” I like it! We’re firm believers that “talent” is not inherent, and that what is often praised as talent is actually the polished product of many, many hours of focused practice. Likewise with “luck.” If you are continually and purposefully striving toward your goal, you will very likely “be lucky enough” to reach it. Makes sense, no?

    My day is already great, and it’s only 11 in the morning. Best to you, Margaret!

    • Ah, see another 13th baby! Future Mom’s pay attention, there’s nothing to be afraid of! lol.

      Thanks for your comment Marnie, I totally agree with your sentiment. Congratulations too! Awesome editorial of your work!

  3. I Haven’t ever had a problem on any Friday the 13ths, I’ve closed on homes, had a beautiful talented daughter born on that day, gone on great trips (it is actually easier to travel on the 13th as so many are afraid!), and am usually very productive on Friday the 13th. There are three this year, there was one in Jan., this one, and another in July. So Happy Friday the 13th! ❤
    Love the blog’s!

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