Man, This is Hard

I hit my wall today.  I set out to keep this blog upbeat and inspiring, but today I sat down to write-up my new listings for Etsy and immediately felt exhausted.  I thought maybe switching over to write a blog entry for you guys might help but again I came up empty.  While stepping away the computer and making a cup of coffee I decided why not share the bummed out feelings too.  Certainly, not everything in life is full of pep, especially on a Wednesday.

On the Etsy team discussions, there have been a lot of posts related to discouraged shop owners recently.  I must say the members of Etsy are awesome, so many always step in with words of encouragement.  I won’t say that I am discouraged per say but I am certainly ready for things to pick up.  I started exploring Etsy’s advertising options this month and, while my daily views are now up in the teens, it is very slow growth.  Actually, I really shouldn’t complain in the past 11 days of April my listing views have tripled that of the entire month of March.  I know the more I put into the shop and the more involved I become with the members the more exposure I am gaining.  I just haven’t hit a large audience yet and it is frustrating.

Looking at Rifle Paper Co.‘s website yesterday overwhelmed me a little.  I know first hand now how much time, and effort went into making those beautiful products and promoting that shop.  Way more than what I have invested so far that’s for sure!  In her blog she noted this is her second year in business, and she’s already showing at the big, trade wholesale events in New York this year.  What?!  I feel like I need to work 24/7 for the next several years if I even want to try to compete on that level.  It is a big mountain to climb and it is hard.


4 thoughts on “Man, This is Hard

  1. That is a totally normal feeling! One that you will encounter quite a bit. The good thing is you have the time to devote to this and you’ll make it wonderful. I’m enjoying reading your entries because you’ve explored some avenues that I haven’t yet!

    • Thanks Nicole! I’ve been hearing Etsy has it’s slow seasons and this is one of them.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog and I hope it might help you too.

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