On the Cutting Board: Garden Party Set

Well, I have to admit my attempts at holiday cards and individually cut illustrations did not go over well.   After a week or two on Etsy they have received very few views (even though I am advertising them) and only one item got one “heart” from those few that did view them.  Stepping back to look at them next to some of my other cards I can see why; they are not as polished or refined as the others.  Mr. Pea and I came up with some other ideas about how to make the individually cut illustrations work but that is on the back burner for the moment.

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with gardening right now.  OK, I don’t actually have a garden, or even a lawn for that matter.  I do have a few planter boxes on my balcony and some containers in my bay window.  I dream of filling all my outdoor spaces with beautifully planted containers, over flowing with flowers, fruits, and veggies.  This has yet to happen, last year I grew one pea (hardly over flowing).  Regardless, there’s just something about seeing the first few flowers pop up that makes me want to dig my hands into the dirt and try again.

For my next project I knew I wanted to fill out my invitation section and a garden party theme is the obvious direction I wanted to take it.  So I took a moment this morning to do a little research and poured over blogs for a little inspiration.  Oh So Beautiful Paper is one of my favorite go to blogs for all things paper!  This led me over to the Rifle Paper Co.’s website where I found more than enough inspiration.  When I say some day I want to have my own eCommerce website Rifle Paper Co. is a good one to model it on.  While looking through her invitations, I noticed she linked customers over to matching place cards and I had an Ah ha! moment.  Of course, I need to work towards creating sets of items.  What do think of Mrs. Pea’s Party Packs?  Haha, I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying the play on “P” words.

Anyways, pictured above is my first draft for a Garden Party themed pack.  Oops, I just noticed Samantha is spelled wrong, good thing it’s a first draft.  So far it includes invitations, place cards, and gift tags.  Other additions might include cup cake wrappers, thank you cards, stationary, and striped envelopes.  I am on the fence about adding in bunting as well.  Variations on this theme might include red and green striped sets too.  I am so excited to have such a strong direction for my shop without scrambling to cover each holiday.

What do you think?  Do you have other ideas for me?  Feed back is always encouraged and appreciated!

Happy Tuesday all.


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