Envelope Tutorial

Happy Monday Everyone!  I hope you all had a lovely Easter or Passover Weekend.  I promised a while back that I would post an envelope tutorial once I got my score board and today is that day.  It is surprisingly very easy to make your own envelopes which makes you wonder why you pay so much more for them.

Items you will need:

Text weight paper
Cutting implement, such as scissors, exacto knife, or paper trimmer
Score Board or scoring tool, I use Martha Stewart’s Score Board
Glue Stick or other non-wrinkling glue


Trim your paper down to 7.5″ x 7.5″ (I am making a 4-bar envelope)

Position the envelope guide on the score board, along with the paper.

Double check the envelope guide for proper score measurements.

Score opposite sides of your paper at 2-5/8″

Rotate and score the remaining sides at 3-1/4″.

Cut out where the score lines over-lap.

Fold in the shorter sides first.

Fold in the remaining longer sides.

We’re almost there!  At this point you can add glue to the inside flaps, taking care not to glue the flaps to the front of the envelope.

Or you could add a little more polish and round off the sharp edges of the exposed flaps before gluing.  I used an Exacto round edge punch here.

And you are DONE!  You could use the glue stick to finish off your enclosure or seal the envelope with a beautiful sticker.

It was really just that simple!  The tools I used cost little more than a box of high quality envelopes and can often be found on sale at local craft stores.  Creating fancy envelopes, or adding envelope linings are a breeze when making your own.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and have a wonderful Monday afternoon.


3 thoughts on “Envelope Tutorial

  1. Love it! I used to have a template for envelopes that we had sold from American Traditional but where all my old stencils are I haven’t a clue at this point in moving.
    That looked so cool and I can see how putting in the colored inside section would be easy too! By the way I love your new cards!

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