Friday Reflection: A week in Review

Mr. Pea and I had such a great time at the Boston Preservation Alliance‘s Auction and Gala this past week.  We do not consider ourselves sports fans, but we could not resist the draw of the World Series trophies.  Besides the incredible views over looking Fenway Park the trophies were quiet the celebrities!  I am proud to say attendance was high and the evening exceeded expectations.  We brought in a hefty sum of money for the BPA and it’s programs.  It was an honor to be a part of the planning committee.











We also brought home one of the most unique items on offer, a hand-made commemorative base-ball.  Made right here in New England and donated by Huntington Base Ball Co.  The ball is a hand-made recreation of the first ball pitched in the 1912 opening day.  I caught up with the artist himself, William Peebles, and good news folks, he agreed to be interviewed for this month’s Etsy Seller spotlight!  Look for that later this month.

The week itself has been very productive.  I was able to get my Mother’s Day card designed and up in the shop.  I re-photographed and updated several earlier listings.  As well as got four other items designed and listed!  Phew.  I now have 12 items listed for sale in the shop, already half way to my April goal of 25!  This is what can be achieved when you have a dedicated studio.

I started researching summer festivals last night and am completely overwhelmed thinking about all the work that would go into setting one up professionally.  Tables, chairs, a tent, a credit card machine, cash drawer, 3 times as much stock as you expect to sell packaged and priced, promotional materials, and bins to keep it all organized.  It became very clear to me that setting up for a craft fair is setting up a physical temporary store.  Obviously once you get these items and get into the grove you are set for several craft fairs for years to come.  It is something I need to work on and towards, but unfortunately the summer application deadlines are due this month.  I think I will aim for the Christmas craft fairs.

It has been a wonderful week but I am thankful that it is Friday.  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!


One thought on “Friday Reflection: A week in Review

  1. Margaret, my love, I have quite a bit of those things here as you know I’ve done the fairs. Go for a small craft fair that sells table space so you don’t have to have so much to lug around. Then move on to the other larger fairs. Fall is a wonderful time as well.
    I think inventory is the scariest thing to have lots of! It means going all out for a while.
    Fairs are also a great way to come away with a lot of consignments!

    Have a great weekend!

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