On the Cutting Board: Mother’s Day Card

On the cutting board today is my new Mother’s day card.  Of course, it could also be used as a birthday card for Mom or an anytime card for Mom as well.   A special thanks goes out to all the Mom’s that left me such great comments yesterday, I tried to capture your sentiments in the rock layers!  Did you notice I asked you what you thought was the “bedrock” of motherhood?  Haha!  This “Mountain of Motherhood” is composed of: Strength, Patience, Humor, Kindness, Courage, Fortitude, Compassion, and Acceptance with Love in the center of it all.

I wanted to do something unique for a Mother’s Day card, something not typically seen at the store.  The words “Moms Rock” kept ringing in my ears so I went with my gut.  For the illustration that would capture this motif, I was inspired by a Strata wall exhibit I designed last year.  It is not built yet, and I don’t own the design so I can’t legally share it with you but here is an antique Strata map I can share.  I love these old engineering drawings, so I chose to use an old font on the card to capture the spirit of them.

It may seem strange to design a Mother’s Day card inspired by a science exhibit and old engineering maps, but why not.  Mom’s are engineers and scientists too!  And just look at how majestic rock strata is.  How inspiring is that?!

I hope you enjoy the card.  It looks even better in person!  It will be available starting tomorrow on Etsy at Mrs. Pea’s Papers.

Engineer map was found at Vintage Printable.  The incredible Rock Strata photo was found at Flickr Hive Mind be sure to check out all the other amazing photos on there.

One thought on “On the Cutting Board: Mother’s Day Card

  1. Once again this is a wonderful idea. Love the strata analogy. Very lovely! Just like you! Would you like a cup of tea?

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