Easter Cards Now Available

It took me a few days to realize it is April already and Easter is just around the corner!  I ran into my studio first thing this morning to get at least one Easter Card up in the shop. Available here: MrsPeasPapers.Etsy.com

I also used this opportunity to try out a new approach to card making.  Instead of only printed cards, I want to play with a line of customizable, individually hand-cut illustrations on cards.  That is what makes Etsy so great after all!  So I am offering the egg design in three different colors, Pink, Yellow, and Baby Blue.

Feedback is always great appreciated!  What do you think of this new approach?


4 thoughts on “Easter Cards Now Available

  1. I wish I had the time to get some Easter cards in my shop! This is cute and a great idea for your shop. I don’t know how much you know about die-cutting machines and dies but the possibilities are endless and makes cutting out things like the grass and egg a snap! Let me know if you want any information. A lot of it is affordable and really fun to play with.

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