It has been a busy past few days here at Mrs. Pea’s Place.  On Friday I got the green light to print and produce 500 of the business cards I designed for my step-mother.  Better yet, I got paid for them!  I was just beginning to print them out when even more exciting news came my way, my first sale on Etsy!  I sold not one but two card sets, woo hoo!

It has been so much fun to be in full-scale production mode these past few days.  Focusing last week’s theme on all things business related really paid off.  Now that I’ve gotten my first sale I am ready for more.  My goal this month is to get 25 items into my shop, start a marketing campaign on Etsy, and get my sales up!  It would be good to hit the pavement as well.  It is the right time to be looking into summer craft fairs in and around Boston.

Wish me luck!

Mrs. Pea's First "Dollar"


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