Friday Reflection: the Birthday Celebrations Continue!

Mr. Pea in Maine, Photo by Jasmin Hunter Photography

I can’t tell you how much it feels like Saturday today.  Mr. Pea took the day off and he’s packing to leave for Maine as I type.  We’re using my birthday as an excuse for a long weekend get away.  Woo hoo!  It has been a fabulous week filled with different birthday celebrations.  Monday my friends had us over for more cupcakes and pizza.  Tuesday we had a nice dinner with one of my brothers and yesterday my parents drove down from NH to shower me with gifts and take me to lunch.  It been such a nice treat to see them all!  I feel truly blessed to have so many care about me.

We had hoped we could head down to visit friends in Florida for my birthday this year, but alas budget restrictions got in the way.  Lucky, Mr. Pea’s parents have a house in Maine and joining them up there is always a nice change of pace.  So the celebrations will continue with them; a fancy dinner, sleeping in, and window shopping are all on the agenda.

I love birthdays!  Not only my own but everyone else’s too.  It’s a wonderful thing to have one day of the year where you being born into this world is celebrated.  We all deserve a day like that.  So thank you all again for the very kind birthday wishes.  I hope you all feel as lucky as I do on your birthdays!

Coffee in Kennebunk Port, ME; Photo by Jasmin Hunter Photography


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