It’s my Birthday!!!

Well here it is another anniversary of 29.  I can’t believe it, 29 AGAIN!  I have these cupcakes waiting for me in the fridge and it’s really tough not eat them all right now.  Somehow I don’t think Mr. Pea would appreciate finding me with a tummy ache and chocolate on my face complaining of “Too many Cupcakes!” though.  So I’ll wait.

It’s a beautiful day today, which is very nice considering I have lost more than my fair share of birthdays to blizzards.  Yet instead of taking advantage of it, I slept in, watched tv, and ate nachos.  I’m still in my pajamas and I don’t care.  I have declared today my day off from chores and other responsibilities!  OK I haven’t turned my back to all those things, but I am taking it easy.

You should take it easy today too.  Blame it on me if you need too! 😉  You can find the cupcakes pictured above at the aptly named, Kick Ass Cupcakes, in Davis Sq. Yum!


8 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday!!!

  1. Hope you saved one for me, if not we’ll just have to go get some more Thursday, They just look delicious!

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