Design Ideas: Master Bedroom

This week I plan to focus my energy back on my bedroom project.  Today is sunny and 66 degrees and all I want to do is throw open the windows, turn up the music, and tackle that pesky wallpaper glue left on my walls.  Looking ahead to the finish product can really help motivate you, so here are a few of the ideas I’ve been dreaming of.

I am crazy about the plant in the above picture!  I believe it might be a type of bamboo, but what I love about it is the height and delicacy it brings to the table.  A large plant like this brings the warmth of nature right into the room, as well as an opportunity to find a fun pot to put it in.

As for a light fixture, we’ve been talking about installing a ceiling fan since we moved in, but now that I’m actually designing the room a flash of sparkle, elegance, and opulence would really make this room romantic.  Plus we have 8 foot ceiling heights, so a ceiling fan is going to make the room feel shorter.  This Arabesque fixture by Maxim Lighting feels like a mini-chandelier and with its 8 inch height it isn’t going to intrude on our head room.

When Mr. Pea and I first bought our house and went furniture shopping, we fell in love with this bed from Ethan Allen.  Of course it was out of our price range but we thought we would buy it with gift money from our wedding.  However, with only one income coming in at the moment this bed remains a dream.  Not to worry when the time is right, it will be ours!

I like to play around with the Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer when thinking about paint colors.  I picked a room setting with dark furniture and wood floors like ours and used the ceiling as the accent wall.  I explored bold colors, but in the end we settled on a calm, neutral palette like the one pictured above.  Our second floor hallways and guest bedroom are already a similar beige color, so this scheme will look cohesive with the rest of the house.

Eventually, we will decide which coffee table to sell (and I will have an income again), and we’ll install a sitting area.  We’ve had our eye on this Chaise from Crate and Barrel since we bought our couch.

We already own a similar rug to this beautiful oriental, except ours was found at a steal from Jordan’s Furniture clearance center! I love a great bargain, especially with pets in the house.

Seeing all the elements laid out here is making me very excited to see it come together.  Now I’ve got to get to work!  Happy Monday everyone!


One thought on “Design Ideas: Master Bedroom

  1. Love it, love it, love it! What great inspiration pictures! I know that plant and I will have to get back to you with the name. You are right it will look great in your space!

    I, too, am tackling my bedroom and making space a priority, The windows are all thrown open and I hear the music of my 3 guinea hens! The breeze is just perfect even as I look out on all that snow! It’s 70 right now.


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