Friday Reflection: The Job Hunt

I remember the job hunt prior to 2008.  I would send in my résumé to architecture firms whether a job was posted or not and often I would get an interview (whether a job was open or not).  Companies really wanted to talk to you back then!  Money was flowing, optimism was high; they were doing big things and never knew when they might need to expand.

I was laid off at the end of 2008 with almost every other architect in the country.  I was able to find a small freelance job and volunteer position with the Boston Preservation Alliance right off the bat.  Which was good because it took six months to find a permanent position.  My proactive job search methods no longer worked.  I could apply to every firm in the city but nobody was hiring and nobody was talking to you anymore.

Fast forward to present day, I left that permanent job for a higher paying contract position with hopes I would be hired full-time.  My contract came and went with no new projects lined up to replace the one I had worked on.  It’s the story of a lot of firms today, so I’m back on the hunt for the next project.  My job hunt so far has resulted in a whole lot of nothing.  While there are more job postings this time around, I am lucky to find one listing a week that I qualify for.  I have learned to tailor my résumé submitals to those that are a good fit.  Even then, I am lucky to have the receipt of my résumé acknowledged.  I often feel lost in a sea of résumés.

Therefore, it has given me great pleasure to take matters into my own hands and create a little work for myself.  I have big dreams for Mrs. Pea’s Papers!  I hope people will like my work and someday I will be able to join my Etsy shop up with this blog on one site.  I would love to go beyond the internet and walk into Paper Source to see my cards on the rack.  Sigh, it’s good to dream again!  It’s wonderful to have goals that keep my creativity and writing skills sharp.  I know I can only get there by taking one step at a time, but it feels good to take those steps.  Hopefully, I have started something great and maybe when I’m least expecting it my résumé will be found out in that sea.

Have a good weekend all!

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