Creating a Logo

Hi All!

The other day I promised to show you how I created my logo and today I am going to show you just that.  Here is a peek into my process for creating my illustrations.

I start all my design projects with a little research.  It doesn’t matter if I’m designing a building or one of these illustrations, research is step 1!  You can see what happens when I don’t start with an investigation in Get Inspired!!! (Part 1).

For something like this I do a Google image search and see what catches me eye.   I searched for “Pea Illustrations” and here’s what I honed in on:

I really love the classical styling of the vintage seed packets and botanical books.

Next I break out the sketch book:

Once I have a few sketches I’m happy with I scan it into my photo editor and pull together the pieces and print it back out.

Now it’s time to break out the trace paper and make this into something!

My goal here is to create a stencil for the pieces to build the final image out of.  Now let’s look at our color choices!

I could spend hours in a craft or art store looking through the scrape book papers.  If you’re lucky you might have some help choosing your palette like I did.

Penny is very helpful!  Now that I’ve picked my colors it’s time to map them out.  I need to know which piece is going to be which color before I make my stencils; it helps me keep it all organized.

Back to the trace.

Now let’s cut them out!

The finished pieces. (It only looks like a mess.  The pieces are grouped by what part they will play, flower, peas, ect.)

It’s finally time to assemble! I use the original trace paper sketch as my road map.

Here’s the finished dry run assembled illustration.

At this point I get a little frustrated I’m not done yet, but the dry run is vital.  It allows me to figure out which pieces should be laid down first, as well as how it lays out on the page.  Now let’s glue!


Keep an eye out for its arrival on my banner!

On a side note:

My apologies go out to my followers that endured the technical errors while I was pulling this post together.  And a special thanks goes out to my Mother-in-law for alerting me to it!


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