Leap Day

Happy Leap Day Everyone!

On Wednesdays I actually get out of the house and head to a weekly meeting for the Boston Preservation Alliance’s auction committee.  It’s held in a big fancy building in downtown Boston and lets me feel like an important business woman for the morning. 😉  I was thinking of blogging about them today, until I got home and realized I didn’t have my house keys.  Uh Oh!  That sinking feeling kicks in and I know exactly where I left them, literally just on the other side of that door.  I knew I should have double checked my purse this morning!

My husband, Mr. Pea, also has weekly meetings on Wednesday mornings and we’re due to be hit with a snow storm any minute now, so all I could really do is call him in hopes his meeting will let out soon and pray the snow holds off a little longer.  I decided in the meantime I could walk back to Davis Square and get some breakfast.  Did I mention I hadn’t eaten yet?  Did I also mention I don’t have a car?  I stopped by the ATM and it was just my luck it was out of cash.  Of course the day I would be locked out I would also have no cash on me. Sigh. At least Starbucks takes credit cards.

I was right on the verge of feeling sorry for myself when I found a dollar on the ground.  Not even a block after that Mr. Pea calls!  Turns out he was planning on coming home early anyways, on account of the coming snow storm (maybe not this early), but he was on his way.  Here I am one minute away from having a seriously bad day and the next I’ve got a dollar in my pocket and I get to spend the day snowed in with my husband!  Thank you Leap Day for allowing me to leap right over all that bad luck!  I hope you all get so lucky today.


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